About Us

It all began . . . well . . . W-A-Y back in the seventies . . . ( 1970's, that is . . . not 1870's ), when Sam gave me a camera.  I don't know why Sam gave me a camera, but he did, and that gave me all the excuse I needed to expand my travel horizons.  Soon, Florida appeared in my viewfinder and later on, stops in Rhode Island, Virginina, and Pennsylvania helped me see that there are a LOT of landscapes in the eastern United States just waiting for somebody to photograph . . . and then I found out that California has quite a few of 'em too.

​Well, somewhere along the way people started noticing I had a camera . . . then came the questions:  "Oh, you got a camera"  ( or some similar phrase, hereafter called "oygac" ) . . . well, me -n-Susie is gettin' hitched next month: why don't ya take the pitchers at our wedding ?"  and so without a thought  ( those came later ) the seeds of Wedding Photography were sown . . . or "oygac . . . could you come over to our house Thanksgivin' afternoon  (after everybody is stuffed, so they can't move, pay attention, or stay awake ) and snap a couple-a pitchers of the family cuz we might never ever be able to get together again . . . EVER ?  There's 43 of us, and we'd like to take them pitchers in the den  ( 12 feet by 13 feet ) . . . and oh, could you include our four dogs and three cats?  

​Ever try to get a dog to smile ?  Ever try to get 43 people to look at the camera at the same time ?  But I digress . . . So now, Family Portrait Photography, Pet Photography, and Event Photography have all gotten underway . . . as well as creativity.

Then there came Senior or Graduate Photography; Baby or Infant Photography; and Child Photography, all appearing on the scene in similar fashion, and all under the heading of Fine Portrait Photography.
Next came the '80's, when the stork flew over our place and left us a baby boy, and just when we were beginning to settle in with our boy, that same stork  ( I think it was the same one ) came by again, leaving us this time with a baby girl, making our family complete with one Dad, one Mom, one Boy, and one Girl.  This, of course, gave us lots of practice photographing everything, from newborn-to-toddler-to-teenager-to-graduate-to-wedding-to-family.  ( PHEW )

Then in the 90's  ( 1990's, not 1890's ) VPP took us in ( Vermont Professional Photographers ), PPANE  ( Professional Photographers Association of New England ), and PPA  ( Professional Photographers of America ).  This, of course, made us very professional.  Then we went to a bunch  ( that means lots ) of seminars and a couple of sessions at NEIPP  ( New England Institute of Professional Photographers ), retired our film cameras and went digital  ( a whole other story for another time ), and since we were now VERY professional, we started Balentine Photography.

And now we actually began to learn stuff like "how to see light"  ( like, how can ya MISS it, right ?  but oh no, ya gotta really SEE it, so you can modify it, block it, bend it, etc to make a really good pitcher . . . I mean "Photograph" . . . and then we found out ya don't say stuff like "take a pitcher", or "photo shoot" . . . instead ya gotta say "photograph", and "creation session", etc.

So now that we know how to mess with light and how to talk better, here we sit in Northern Vermont  Creating Warm Memories whenever and wherever we can for folks and families like you and yours.